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One Nation Under God Veteran Portrait Project

One Nation Under God started about a year ago when this wonderfully great lady named Peggy, who worked at the Palmer Center in Independence, Missouri contacted me about veterans she routinely dealt with.  The first veteran I met was named Robert Becker.  He was a 92 year old World War II veteran who has lived in Independence almost his entire life, and proudly served his country.  From the time I took his portrait and listened to his story I was hooked, and I am proud to say we were friends until the day he died.  Since that time I have been trying to reach mainly World War II and Korean War Veterans to interview them and take their portrait.  


For the first year this project wasn't named, and there was no clear direction to how I would archive these photos and get them to where they could be seen and enjoyed by everyone.  Recently, a great lady that happens to be my best friend's wife, came up with the name "One Nation Under God" and it immediately stuck.  The project has evolved and I am documenting veterans from all wars.  The plan is to eventually write a book that highlights each of the heroes that I have interviewed and photographed.  That way, their stories will never die.  


If you know a veteran who would be willing to be interviewed and photographed, please contact me.  I hope you enjoy watching the progress as this project grows and brings honor to those who have served and sacrificed for OUR freedom.